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Are most cemeteries in Calgary almost full?
Can I bury on my property, rather than buy cemetery property?
I was told that the Province requires the casket be buried in a concrete box. Is this true and what is the advantage of a concrete box?
Do you ever dig up the body later, in a few years and use the grave for someone else?
How much does it cost for a cremation?
What is involved with cremation – can it be done right away?
Can I see my loved one before they are cremated?
Is it really necessary for myself, or others, to view the body of my loved one?

Cultural Services
I am thinking of attending a prayer service (or a Buddhist service) at your chapel and I don’t know what to do, or if I should even come.
If I go to a Jewish funeral should I wear a yarmulke?
If I go to the mosque for a Muslim funeral do I have to take my shoes off, or cover my head?
What is embalming?
Do you have to be embalmed?
How long does the process of embalming take?
How long does the embalming last on the body?

Estate Information
When do I need to file paperwork with the government?
How long do we have to apply for CPP?
Does the Will have to be probated?
Financial Assistance
What sort of financial assistance is available to families to assist with funeral expenses?
Are there any other Government benefits besides the CPP?
What is covered by insurance policies or Worker’s Compensation?
Is there government assistance for funeral expenses and widow’s pension?

Funeral Services
How much does the average funeral cost?
Why do funerals cost so much? Can you explain what is involved in this cost?
Can we have a green burial or cremation?
Why would we want to consider burial for our loved ones?

Legal & Probate Information
Do all Wills have to be taken to a lawyer?
Do I Need Probate?
What is Probate?
How Much Does Probate Cost?
Other Considerations
What are appropriate ways of expressing sympathy?
How can I understand my grief, and get help?
What are the appropriate ways of expressing sympathy?
How can I prearrange my funeral?

Passing has just occurred
What should I do when my love one passes away?
Can I come in to see the funeral home before I decide on meeting with a funeral director?
What do we do now, that Mom passed away?
Where is my loved one going and when can I see them?
What can I do in advance?
Is it an advantage to pre-plan a funeral; for either myself or a loved one?
Can I plan my funeral now and should I pay for it now or later? Should I choose my casket now?
What does advance planning mean?
Prior to the Passing
I have a family member who is expected to pass soon. When they die what should we do?
Do I or (Why do I) have to come in to the funeral home; or can everything be done by email?
I am planning to be away on holidays and my elderly parent is in a nursing home. What do I do if they pass away while I am gone?
My loved one is at home dying; I don’t know what to do?
Types Of Services Available
What if I want a non-traditional funeral?
What about cultural customs, and traditions for the funeral service?
What are my options at Calgary’s Mausoleum?
What options are there for the cremation urn?