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What is the Biography in an Obituary and what order is it placed?

In an obituary the biography typically comes immediately after the opening paragraph that introduced who passed away. An obituary is about the deceased and that is why it is recommended to place the biography before survived by. The biography is a chronological snapshot of the milestones in one’s life. There are multiple ways to introduce these sections of one’s life…

To start the biography the place of birth can be introduced in multiple ways two examples are:

  • Stan was born in London, England
  • Stan grew up or was raised in London, England.
  • Moving cities can be introduced in multiple ways four examples are;
  • Stan immigrated to Canada with his parents when he was 12
  • Stan moved to Canada with his parents
  • Stan came to Canada with his parents when he was 12.
  • Stan emigrated from London and made Calgary his home

Remember you Immigrated to or emigrated from

The biography section of the obituary is not limited to, but often includes some of the below life milestones

  • Places lived in
  • Schooling,
  • Occupation & career (including milestones or victories)
  • Date of Marriage
  • Memberships/associations/charitable work or causes
  • Life’s greatest moments/achievements
  • Activities enjoyed or had a passion for
  • Favourite saying

There are multiple way to conclude a biography one common way is to include a comment such as …She will be remembered for….

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