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What are the appropriate ways of expressing sympathy?

When a friend has suffered a loss, it’s sometimes difficult to know how to help. Funeral professionals tell us there is no substitute for a sincere, heart-felt expression of sympathy.

Attend the visitation and funeral if you can – your presence will be a great comfort to those who are grieving. It’s not necessary to say much – even “I’m sorry” will mean a lot. Don’t try to come up with something profound about life and death, and don’t say “I know how you feel” because everybody experiences grief in their own way.

If you cannot attend the service or visitation, send a sympathy card with a little note and talk about special things you remember about the deceased. Your perspective or story will likely provide family with fresh memories they may not have known.

Other expressions include:

  • Sending flowers to the service, or a plant to the home
  • Have McInnis & Holloway arrange to plant a tree in Fish Creek Memorial Forest
  • Offer to phone friends and colleagues to notify them of the death
  • Provide babysitting for the family while arrangements are being made
  • Pick up relatives at the airport
  • Provide baking for the reception after the service, or provide a casserole for the family
  • Offer to answer the door or phone for the family, and keep a record of those who called
  • On the day of the service, offer to stay behind to ensure the house is not empty, as a precaution against theft
  • A memorial contribution

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