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What about cultural customs, and traditions for the funeral service?

As the ethnic fabric of our society grows, the customs and traditions surrounding funerals change. Expression of grief is different for every group, but everyone shares a need to mark the passing of a life with affection, dignity and respect.

If you are uncertain about different cultural or religious backgrounds, and this has kept you from attending a funeral or expressing sympathy, a little knowledge can help. Here are a few examples of customs and traditions which can be part of a funeral service (examples may vary according to personal tastes and beliefs):

  • Native or Plains Indians play drums and sing honor songs or personal songs belonging to the deceased. Sweetgrass is sometimes burned as a ritual or prayer.
  • Buddhists ring a bell to the start the funeral. After the funeral service – which takes place in a temple or funeral home – a memorial service is held every 7th day for 49 days, and family and friends are encouraged to attend.
  • Those attending a Chinese funeral may receive a white envelope with candy and money inside. The candy is to sweeten the bitter taste of death, and the money is for luck, since death is considered a bad omen.

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