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McInnis & Holloway Funeral Homes is an accredited Approved Air Cargo Known Consignor with trained and knowledgeable staff able to guide your family through this entire process.

This page contains information on shipping cremated remains and human remains from Canada to Switzerland. These rules are set by the Consulate of Switzerland and we have provided their contact information below. The cost of a shipment from Canada to Switzerland is determined by the funeral home fees for handling the arrangements and the fees set by the Switzerland consulate. Please call or request a quote for exact pricing information.

Travelling with an Urn To Switzerland

Transporting urns as carry-on luggage requires that the urns must pass successfully through the x-ray machine. Many urns generate an opaque image and will not be permitted through airport security.

If the urn cannot be x-rayed, the next option is to transport the remains in the belly of the plane as checked baggage. The crematory container will undergo testing for explosive devices and, if cleared, will be permitted as checked baggage.

We recommend purchasing a temporary container made of wood, plastic or non-lead lined ceramic along with their permanent urn or to purchase a permanent urn that meets the TSA requirement for transporting your loved one’s remains.

The Switzerland Consulate will allow for Switzerland citizens, in some circumstances citizens from other countries could be allowed if they provide a contract from the cemetery or church where cremated remains will be interred.

Airport Screening

    • Urns will not be opened by security personnel.
    • Certificate of cremation from Crematorium
    • Declaration of Contents from Funeral Home
    • Certified copies of Death Certificates (1)
  • Passport of the deceased
  • Name address and phone of consignee

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Shipping of Cremated Remains To Switzerland

  • Certificate of cremation from Crematorium
  • Declaration of Contents from Funeral Home
  • Certified copies of Death Certificates (1)
  • Passport of the deceased
  • Name address and phone of consignee
  • A metal urn must be used and then be placed in a wooden outer container.

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Shipping of Human Remains To Switzerland

    • Containers required:
      • Hermetic inner metal sealer (either 1/2 glass or full metal top) inside a wooden casket or hermetically sealed metal casket
      • Airpac container
    • Documentation required:
      • 3 certified copies of Death Certificate
      • Letter from Public Health Office indicating “no communicable disease” and outlining packaging procedures
      • Letter of embalming from Funeral Home and declaration of contents
      • Burial Permit
      • Coroners’ Out of Province Certificate
      • Name, address and phone number of consignee
      • Passport, if available

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Contact Consulate of Switzerland

    • Other Notes

        • The delivery of an urn to Switzerland via Germany can only be done by a funeral home and not with checked in or hand luggage.
        • Cremated remains:
          • Documentation is to be forwarded to Consulate prior to shipment and they provide a clearance letter.
          • There is a fee from the Consulate.
        • Human remains:
          • Documents must be translated into Spanish: Medical Certificate, Statement of Death, Out of Province Certificate, Burial Permit and Embalming letter.
          • Statement of Death needs to be authenticated by Management Board
          • All documents are to be delivered to the Consulate. Consulate will return documents once completed. Consulate does not come to put seals on the container.
          • Fee for Consulate changes with currency rate fluctuations. Check prior to confirm charge. They accept CASH ONLY. No cheques.

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