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Cremation Information

Cremation FAQ's
How much does it cost for a cremation?

There are many options available when cremation takes places. Costs will vary depending on the type of service that is chosen. Cremation can occur following a funeral service, or following a visitation, prayer service or informal gathering. Cremation can also occur prior to a Memorial Service.

What is involved with cremation – can it be done right away?
Cremation is a form of final disposition for your loved one. There are many options for the final disposition of the urn that will hold the cremated remains.

With cremation there are legal requirements and documents that need to be completed. Once all of this documentation is in order the cremation will take place, usually within 2 – 5 days. The funeral home will look after these necessary requirements. Public or private services can be held before or after cremation.

Can I see my loved one before they are cremated?
Yes, at the time of the funeral arrangements, the family will be advised that a private or public viewing may be set for those wishing to pay respects before the cremation takes place.
Is it really necessary for myself, or others, to view the body of my loved one?
McInnis and Holloway has a policy that requires identification by a family member or friend prior to cremation. This ensures peace of mind for the family that it is indeed their loved one and the cremation container they have chosen.