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If I go to a Jewish funeral should I wear a yarmulke?

Jewish funeral customs vary from sect to sect, among Orthodox Jews.
Orthodox Jewish Funerals

  • At an Orthodox Jewish funeral, all of the mourners must keep their heads covered. The men are expected to wear the small cap, or “yarmulke,” while the women are required to wear headscarves. If you don’t bring a yarmulke or headscarf with you, the synagogue will usually be able to provide one for you to use.

Conservative Jewish Funerals

  • At a Conservative Jewish funeral service, the men are obligated to wear yarmulkes, but the women do not have to cover their heads, so no head scarf is required. In addition to the yarmulke, men should also be dressed in semi-formal attire — a dark suit with a dark tie. Women should dress modestly and conservatively as well.

Reform Jewish Funerals

  • At a Reform Jewish funeral service, the head covering is a matter of choice for both men and women. You may see some men wearing yarmulkes, while others do not, and the same is true for women and headscarves.