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How can I understand my grief, and get help?

Sometimes, grief can be so overwhelming that even normal responses can leave a person feeling as though they are going crazy.

The best way to cope is to recognize grief as a normal reaction to death. Draw on the support of friends and family, and share your honest feelings. You should be able to mention your loved one’s name without fear of ruining someone else’s day.

Grief is a very necessary process on the path to healing, so be patient with yourself. Counselling should be considered when a person seems to have changed or is acting differently – like becoming unusually withdrawn, fearful or suspicious, acting overwhelmed, expressing a wish to die, or drinking to the point that it’s interfering with their daily responsibilities.

Your funeral director will have information about support groups in your area, or you can contact a clergy member, mental health professional or a crisis telephone line for guidance. You may be surprised to find your experiences are completely normal.

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