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How much does it cost for a cremation?

What is involved with cremation – can it be done right away?

Can I see my loved one before they are cremated?

Is it really necessary for myself, or others, to view the body of my loved one?

Why do we have to provide clothing when he’s going to be cremated?

Do we need to have embalming if it is cremation?

Can I get a cremation without a service of any kind?

We are thinking of cremation. Can we have the casket present at the service?

Why is it necessary to purchase a cremation container AND an urn?

Do I have to get the cremated remains?

I don’t want the “ashes”, what am I supposed to do with them? Can’t you keep them or throw them away?

Is it legal to scatter ashes?

I have read that ashes can be made into diamonds. Is that true?

What happens to the gold in the teeth during cremation?