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  • Body
    • Paperwork (English) –
      • Burial Permit – Yes
      • Consulate Contact – Yes (no fee)
      • Consulate documents required – Yes Death Record will be issued by Consulate
      • Provincial Death Certificate – Yes
      • Certificate for Shipment of Body Out of Province (form 4) – Yes
      • Letter from Alberta Health (individual does not have communicable disease & no epidemic existed ) – Yes
      • Letter of embalming  – Yes

Outer Container

  • Hermetically Sealed Metal Liner Required – Yes
  • Overseas shipping container – Yes
  • Casket allowed – Yes
  • Deceased
    • Embalming Required – Yes (metal liner must be used)
  • Urn – ship by Air
    • Paperwork (English)
      • Certificate of cremation – Yes
      • Letter of non-Contraband – Yes
      • Funeral Directors Statement Of Death – No
      • Burial Permit (English) – Yes
        • Consulate Contact – No
        • Consulate documents required (English) – No
        • Provincial Death Certificate (English) – Yes
  • Outer Container
    • Metal – no
    • Wood – shipping container
    • Marble – no


  • August 2018

    Order at least 2 ODC with INK SIGNATURES. This must be specifically requested when ordering. When we receive them, we need to send the ODC’s to Capital Authentication in Ottawa for them to take to Global Affair to authenticate the ODC’s.

    When they arrive back, one ODC is given to the family and they will need to call the consulate – 587.351.9460 to set up a time to go there to obtain a Colombian civil registration of death. ***Please note the consulate also requires the exact time of death*** They will need to bring: ODC; passports; Colombian ID card.

    Colombian Consulate of Calgary
    Telephone: 587-351-9460
    Address: 803 15th Avenue SW, Calgary, AB., T2R0R9 E-mail:

    Along with the Colombian civil registration of death we will include:
    Prep sheet
    Health Letter
    Embalmed and Sealed Letter
    Copy of ODC signed by director
    Form 4 ship out
    Copy of all passports signed by director