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What if I want a non-traditional funeral?

In today’s diverse society, many people choose a non-traditional service, and there are many alternatives available: A ceremony in a funeral home can include thoughts on life and death, a tribute to the life of the deceased, and special musical selections or poetry readings The person officiating can be a funeral director, or someone close […]

What about cultural customs, and traditions for the funeral service?

As the ethnic fabric of our society grows, the customs and traditions surrounding funerals change. Expression of grief is different for every group, but everyone shares a need to mark the passing of a life with affection, dignity and respect. If you are uncertain about different cultural or religious backgrounds, and this has kept you […]

What are my options at Calgary’s Mausoleum?

Mausoleum burial is becoming more popular with many communities as an alternative to ground burial. Calgary’s first mausoleum is housed at Queen’s Park Cemetery, and is a city owned facility. A mausoleum provides permanent above-ground entombment, and is based on popular European traditions dating back before the time of Christ. The casket is placed into […]

What options are there for the cremation urn?

Many options are available for the final disposition of the ashes: Burial Some cemeteries have urn gardens for burial of an urn, above-ground columbariums, or will allow burial in the family plot, while others have scattering grounds as part of the cemetery. Memorial Vessels Cremation allows the family to retain the cremated remains, either in […]

What options are available if I choose cremation?

Many people choose cremation because of religious or cultural reasons, or just because of personal preference. Selecting cremation does not restrict the family’s options when it comes to having a ceremony or funeral service. The family can still choose visitation or viewing prior to the funeral, and some funeral homes rent caskets for this purpose. […]

What options are available if I choose burial?

Burial is still the most common method of final disposition. Most families have a graveside ceremony immediately after the funeral ceremony, conducted by a clergy member, the funeral director or a friend. For loved ones, seeing the deceased committed to earth can be a painful but important ritual. It helps some accept the reality of […]

Is a funeral service required?

Experts in the grief process universally recognize the value of the ceremony for surviving family and friends. A ceremony is important for many reasons: in some religions, it is the event which marks the transition from life to after-life; in others, it’s one step towards a higher level of existence. Whatever your belief, a ceremony […]