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What can I do in advance?

You can provide us with your wishes and funeral choices which we are happy to keep on file. If families prefer we also offer an option to prepay and have these services guaranteed. We have prearrangement specialists on staff that can arrange an appointment at your convenience. Read More Pre-Arranging FAQGo Back to FAQ

Is it an advantage to pre-plan a funeral; for either myself or a loved one?

It is an advantage to preplan for yourself, as your wishes are made known to your loved ones once you pass away. When a passing occurs the people who are left to plan the funeral have many decisions to make including: – The type of service that will be held. – Whether or not the […]

Can I plan my funeral now and should I pay for it now or later? Should I choose my casket now?

Yes you can plan your funeral at any time that is convenient for you. In your planning your consideration should be for the needs of those who will mourn the death, as what you want may not be what others need. Whether you pay now or later is often a decision based on a family’s […]

What does advance planning mean?

Advanced planning is the act of preparing in advance for your funeral service. It can be as simple as writing your wishes on paper and attaching them to your will, or contacting a funeral home to discuss the many details surrounding the funeral service, and paying for these services in advance. And remember, if you […]

I’m still young – why should I plan now?

It’s true; people are living longer. But many are also finding themselves part of the “sandwich” generation – those who care about, and take care of, a lot of other people. Your parents. His parents. Children. Maybe even grandchildren or other family members. Advanced planning is not just about planning your own funeral. Women especially […]

What are some of the benefits of advanced planning?

Eases Emotional Stress Making funeral arrangements made after the death of a loved one can be an emotional and stressful experience. Most people are unaware that there are 200-300 tasks involved in arranging a funeral. Many find planning for this eventuality in advance makes the process easier. Financially Responsible From a financial point of view, […]

What are the steps to advance planning my funeral?

One of the benefits of prearranging a funeral is that you don’t have to make planning decisions in a hurry. When planning ahead, ask a trusted friend or family member for a recommendation, then call a “short list” of two or three funeral homes in your area that have a good reputation. It’s a good […]

What are the financial options involved with advance planning?

How much does a funeral service cost today, and how much might it cost in the future? Over the last ten years, funeral costs have more than doubled, so it can be financially responsible to lock these services in at today’s prices. Many funeral homes offer advanced planning assistance without obligation, and this information can […]