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What is the Importance of the short immediate Death Announcement?

 The short death announcement lets friends and family know they have had a death and that the death is now public. It gives people a source to go to other than calling the family for details. The death announcement aims to avoids awkward phone calls to inquire about a sick family member.  Many people […]

How many days should we run the obituary for?

 Typically, the average is to run an obituary for three days, remember that weekend and weekday papers have different readership groups and it is always advised to post an obituary on both a weekend and weekday. McInnis & Holloway has negotiated a 40% reduction on day two and a 50% reduction after two days […]

How important is the heading of the obituary?

The funeral home staff will create the obituary heading and start the Obituary and Death Notice prior to the arrangement. It is very important to proof the entire obituary including this heading. If any spelling of names, place of birth, are added or dates change from the first call, be sure to let the funeral […]

What does (nee) refer to in an obituary?

   Nee refers to a Woman’s maiden name. In an obituary a ladies first name and married last name is followed by nee in brackets then the maiden name. nee would not capitalized. This maiden name is included in obituaries so older friends that don’t know a woman’s married name will recognize the maiden […]

What is included in the first Paragraph on an obituary?

   In the first paragraph of an obituary generally, you will see included the first and last name of the deceased and the name of the surviving spouse (include nee after her name followed by her maiden name) To assist readers associate with the deceased the city that the deceased lived in is then […]

Is the place of passing listed in the obituary?

   Generally, the place of death is not listed in an obituary because hospices and care facilities have asked not to list their name every time a time a death has occurred, as they can have many deaths in a day or week. As with all elements and rules regarding an obituary they are […]

What is the best way to list a date in an obituary?

  To make the obituary as easy for the reader the day of the week is written out in long form and is added prior to the date listed. For many readers the day of the week is more important that the day of the month and end up needing to look this up if […]

How are nick names or names that one goes by written in an obituary?

  In an obituary, if a person uses a nick name then this nick name would be placed in (brackets). If a person uses their middle name as their went by name then this name is placed in “quotes” Back to Obituaries FAQ

What is the Biography in an Obituary and what order is it placed?

In an obituary the biography typically comes immediately after the opening paragraph that introduced who passed away. An obituary is about the deceased and that is why it is recommended to place the biography before survived by. The biography is a chronological snapshot of the milestones in one’s life. There are multiple ways to introduce […]

How are Numbers Listed in Obituaries?

  To make it as easy for the reader, numbers are written out in long form with the only exception being one’s age and an events date and years. For example, Two brothers should always be written in long form. Back to Obituaries FAQ