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How much does the average funeral cost?

As a full service funeral home, we offer a wide variety of services and facilities with costs for a family ranging from approx. $4000.00 – $12,000.00, with an average of about $6000.00 – $8000.00. Read More Funeral Services FAQGo Back to FAQ

Why do funerals cost so much? Can you explain what is involved in this cost?

It is estimated that there are 48.5 man hours required for a funeral service. This would include: Securing a release and transfer from the place of death, embalming and sanitation of the deceased, cosmetology, hairdressing, dressing and casketing. Funeral Director meets with the family to coordinate the funeral service and coordination of all details with […]

Can we have a green burial or cremation?

While there has not yet been a cemetery in Calgary that has been designated “true” green, there has been discussion about the possibility of one being started. McInnis and Holloway are able to provide a casket that does meet green requirements and can be used for either burial or cremation. Read More Funeral Services FAQGo […]

Why would we want to consider burial for our loved ones?

With burial the location of the cemetery gives the family a permanent place for them to memorialize the loss of their loved one and place to visit their family member. Read More Funeral Services FAQGo Back to FAQ

How much does a casket weigh?

The weight of a casket will vary depending on the casket selected and the materials used in the construction of it. Caskets may range from 60 pounds but could be 200 pounds. If the weight of a specific casket is needed we are able to have the manufacture provide the correct weight. Read More Funeral […]

How long is the funeral service?

Although there is no set time for a funeral service the average length is approximately one hour. The length of time will depend on how many people are speaking, the number of musical selections, the service being held in a church or another venue, whether communion is being served, tributes and readings. Following the approximately […]

When should we have the service?

When to have a service is often dependent on a number of factors. If the disposition is burial then arrangement for the cemetery plot will need to be considered and may dictate the day the grave can be open. If cremation is to take place before the service then time is required to have the […]

Can we do a service in the evening or on the weekend?

Absolutely, an evening or weekend service can be accommodated. The availability of the venue, such as the funeral home chapel or reception centre, church, hall, clubs, etc., must first be secured before a date is confirmed. Quite often having the ability and flexibility to have an evening or weekend service can greatly alleviate many concerns […]

We don’t want a traditional funeral what else can we do?

There are many ways to pay tribute and honour your loved ones life and allow for a time for family and friends to show their support. It can be simple, elaborate, religious or contemporary. These services can be in a church, funeral home, reception centre or community hall. Read More Funeral Services FAQGo Back to […]

Does the Funeral have to happen right away?

No, the funeral service does not have to happen immediately, it is up to your family and a time that works for everyone. Read More Funeral Services FAQGo Back to FAQ