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What do we need to take cremated remains on an airplane? Should we carry it on the plane or put in our checked luggage?

McInnis & Holloway will supply you with a Burial Permit and a Certificate of Cremation. We recommend that you take the Urn on the plane with you. Transport Canada’s guidelines state the urn must be able to be x-rayed. In order for an urn to be x-rayed, it needs to be made of plastic. We […]

When do I need to file paperwork with the government?

For every death that occurs in the Province of Alberta, the death needs to be registered before the final disposition of the deceased takes place, we complete this for you. The government documentation should be filed as soon as possible. The government needs to be advised of the death to ensure overpayments are not made […]

How long do we have to apply for CPP?

The family or executor has up to one year from the date of death to apply for the Death Benefit (Maximum of $2500.00) from CPP. Application should be done as soon as possible after the contributor’s passing. Read More Estate Information FAQGo Back to FAQ

Does the Will have to be probated?

If there is land in the estate which is solely owned by the deceased, the Alberta Land Titles Office requires the Executor to obtain probate. If there is no land, then you may still require probate if the estate contains more than about $30,000.00 with a financial institution. Most financial institutions have a policy that […]