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I don’t want the “ashes”, what am I supposed to do with them? Can’t you keep them or throw them away?

The “ashes” or cremated remains are human remains so the funeral home will not permanently keep them or throw them away. The funeral home can arrange for short term safekeeping until the family has decided on the final disposition. There are many options to choose from when deciding final disposition for cremated remains. During funeral […]

Is it legal to scatter ashes?

If you want to scatter on private property, make sure you have the owner’s permission. Also be aware that it is illegal to scatter cremated remains in a water way that is located in a National Park. Some cemeteries have scattering gardens as well. We have a brochure regarding scattering and we suggest that you […]

I have read that ashes can be made into diamonds. Is that true?

If this is the family’s desire, we can assist you in making this timeless keepsake of your loved one. A portion of cremated remains will be required to have the diamond made. There are also other jewelry options available that can hold cremated remains or a lock of hair. Read More Cremation FAQGo Back to […]

What happens to the gold in the teeth during cremation?

Any gold from dental work or jewelry placed on your loved one for cremation melts during the cremation process and cannot be recovered. Read More Cremation FAQGo Back to FAQ