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These next few days and weeks ahead may be difficult.
We understand this, and we are here to help whenever you need us.
Our Obligation to you does not end with the funeral service.
We sincerely hope that you are satisfied in every respect.
We are committed to only the highest standards in funeral service.


The arrangement process provides us an opportunity to assist your family in honouring your loved one’s life. When you come in for the arrangements, we ask you to bring in a full set of clothing as well as a recent photograph. You may also want to bring additional photographs at the time of your appointment to share with us about your loved one.

We would like to be as prepared as possible for our time with your family and with your help we can have many documents ready prior to your appointment

Required Vital Statistics

    •  We have included required vital statistics in the below link, you are welcome to fill out the information on the following secure web page and we will review this when you come into the funeral home.

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Required Vital Statistics


  • The obituary lets friends and family know about your loved one and it creates a historical document for your family.
  • You are welcome to answer some of the questions listed in the link provided below to help have this started prior to your appointment.
  • We also invite you to email us at and attach any documents that you have already written or click here to send files including any pictures or videos files.

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Obituary Form
We will not submit the obituary to the newspaper or post on until a final copy has been approved by the family.



AGENDA (Approximate time of arrangements two to two and a half hours)

  1. Welcome and Introductions
  2. Gathering Life and vital statistical information
  3. Discuss funeral options
  4. Discussion about location options
  5. Assisting with cemetery arrangements.
  6. Tour of Facilities
  7. Review all decisions and signing of appropriate documentation

1. Welcome and Introductions

Why Have a Funeral?

Answering questions to alleviate any anxieties about the arrangement process. Learning your family’s wishes and understanding your intentions to help make decisions that are good for you. Why we have had funerals since the beginning of time?

Why have a funeral?
For thousands of years, funerals have been a means of expressing our beliefs, thoughts and feelings about death. When we experience the death of a loved one, the funeral fills several important needs. First, it provides for the dignified and respectful care of the deceased and a special tribute to their life. It encourages us to share memories and activates support during this naturally difficult time.

Equally important, the funeral service helps survivors face the reality of death. This is the first big step in taking grief from the inside and allowing us to express it outwardly through mourning. The funeral provides a safe place to affirm the worth of our relationship with the person who died and express our feelings of loss. Often, just seeing how much others care can be a tremendous help to a family in adjusting to their loss.

Why do I need to plan a funeral for my loved one?

The remembering, reflecting and choices that take place in the planning and carrying out of the funeral service are often an important part of the process of grief and mourning. And ultimately, this process of contemplation and discovery creates a memorable and moving funeral experience for all who attend.

Visit for a video highlighting Don’s personal story and the importance of having a funeral.

• Helps us acknowledge that someone we love has died
• Allows us to say goodbye
• Provides a support system for us, friends, family members and
our community
• Allows us to reflect on the meaning of life and death
• Offers continuity and hope for the living

Ultimately, funerals help us embrace the wonder of life and death.
Funerals mark the significance of the life that was lived. They also help us find meaning and purpose in our continued living, even in the face of loss.
Funerals allow us to express our inner thoughts and feelings about the life and the death.
Funerals bring together people who care about each other in an atmosphere of love and support.
Funerals encourage us to remember the person who died and share our unique memories with others, creating hope for the future.
Funerals help us begin to truly acknowledge the reality that someone in our life has died.


Copy the web address into your web browser or click on the below video

2. Gathering Life and vital statistical information

  • Collecting of pertinent information in regards to legal registration of death, providing a benefits package including Funeral Director Statements of Death, discussion about our trained aftercare specialist that is available to provide hands on assistance with government documentation and notifications in the weeks to follow.

3. Discussion of funeral service options

  • Including coordination with regards to helping create a meaningful funeral ceremony.

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4. Discussion about location options

  • Having a place to gather and visit to celebrate your loved one’s life is one of the most healing parts of the grief process. We can help plan services in a special place you designate or at any of our eight locations.



  • Booking of dates and times,
    – Offer input on what days and times family and friends typically find easier to attend services.

Burial options and products

  • A visual presentation of options available for families to consider during the arrangement process.

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Cremation options and products

  • A visual presentation of options available for families to consider during the arrangement process.

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Elements of a Meaningful Funeral

Meaningful funerals are made up of different parts that, when combined together, make for an incredibly meaningful experience for you, your family and friends. Even among different faiths and cultures, funeral ceremonies throughout North America often include many of the same elements. Your faith or culture may have its own variations on the elements below and you should be encouraged to follow them as you see fit.

Please click on each element below to learn more and watch videos that provide insights on how to have a meaningful funeral.

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Copy the web address into your web browser or click on the below videos

5. Assisting with cemetery arrangements.

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6. Tour of Facilities

  • An opportunity for a guided tour of our modern chapels and reception facilities.

7. Review all decisions and signing of appropriate documentation

  • Confirming all information.
  • Provide a detailed authorization contract.
  • Summarize arrangements including highlighting what information that is still required.

McInnis & Holloway’s Memorial Forest Program

      We would like to thank you for allowing McInnis and Holloway to look after your loved one. Our caring and supportive staff are available 24 hours a day. It is our honour to serve you and if at any time you have any further questions please call us at 403-243-8200 or e-mail at this address ( .

Directions to McInnis & Holloway Locations

Additional Resources

The Mourner’s Bill of Rights

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Funeral misconceptions
There are a number of misconceived thoughts that negatively influence people’s opinions about funerals. Here are a few that should be considered when planning a funeral.

Funerals make us too sad.

When someone we love dies, we need to be sad. Funerals provide a safe place for us to embrace our pain.


Funerals are inconvenient.

Taking a few hours to acknowledge your love and respect for a family member or friend who passed and your support for survivors is not an inconvenience, but a privilege.


Funerals are just for burials.

Visitation services and funerals are conducted in conjunction with burials and cremation.


Funerals are only for religious people

Many funerals include spiritual elements, but secular services are also appropriate and healing.


Funerals are meaningless.

They needn’t be. With forethought and planning, funerals can and should be personalized rituals reflecting the uniqueness of the person who died.


Just as grief has many dimensions and is experienced in various ways, funerals are also unique. There’s no such thing as a ‘standard’ funeral. A funeral should match the spirit, personality and beliefs of the person who died and the family and friends left behind. Religious or non-religious, there are no rigid rules that have to be followed, but your funeral director can provide guidelines if you’re unsure how to proceed.