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SCOTT, Gerald Douglas

Maude Annabelle Knott born in Prince Albert Saskatchewan Nov 1889,

Lewis Shadrick Scott born in Mount Pleasant, Iowa Oct 1871.

She 25, he 43, when they married September 30, 1914,

In the parish of St. Paul, Regina Saskatchewan.


What were they thinking life would bring

When they fell in love,

But 9 little babies they were thankful for

Blessings from above.


Gerald Raymond Douglas Scott.

Born March 4 ‘36 – Nelson BC.

Though last, not least, the youngest of 9

Looked up to them all, eager to please.


Steve the Lawyer, Esley as Donks,

The first of the big burly brothers.

Fred as Russian, Walter as Dooley,

His most fabled & favorite “tough mothers”.



Patrick (Robert and other aliases),

Nicknamed Bible Puncher or Mac.

Joined the Dutch Merchant Marine on the East Coast

Crossed the seas and never came back.


Edward as Scottie or Chung Lo,

Another handsome brute to know.

Ida the lady, Gladys as Oliver and Spider,

Dear loving sisters to “Goop” the fighter.


Nelly Irene passed away May 31 ’18,

A sister in spirit, part of the clan.

Maude and Lewis two very brave souls,

Loved them all unconditionally to the moon and back.


The Scott boys were a force, a rambunctious bunch,

Not ones to ever back down.

No wonder the smallest child and boy,

Would follow them all over town.


Living in the shadows of his flamboyant bros,

So many years between them all,

Either you were loud, rough, or rowdy,

One of them, or you didn’t fit in at all.


Not always easy to find a friend

Who understood what he was going through;

Gerald head down, nose to the grindstone,

Did the best with what he knew.


The Scotts moved to New West

And were put to the test,

Life’s ups and downs, a merry-go-round

12 year old Gerry was adventure bound.


When 16 or so, he did a sweet thing,

Bought cousins Doris and Jean Opal birthstone rings.

That spark of magic lived in his DNA;

If he found joy, he’d happily give it away.

Foolishness of a misspent youth,

Gerald faltered at the fork in the road,

Choosing the path of least resistance,

Hoping it’d lighten his load.


You live and learn, that’s what he did,

Through his teens, he was a street-wise kid.

Dashing, and daring, on the run,

Always young at heart, and full of fun.


Honorably discharged in ‘56

as a gunner in the CAF

He’d live a full and colorful life

Always on the edge.


But the kids grew up, some settled down,

Gerald made way to a Kootenay town.

Learning the last word in lonesome is me,

He soon found love in a girl of twenty.


He loved to dance, especially jive,

Hanging out with the Navy in a sailor suit.

He looked very cool, a pretty tough dude;

Proud, and fearless with attitude.


With his bad boy charm, good looks and swagger,

He danced Frankie right off of her feet.

Frank, Shaderick, Tammy, Cindy, Marina

Made their family of 7 complete.


And Bonnie Colleen was taken away

as a newborn in early ‘68.

She lies over the ocean in our mind’s eye,

A baby with wings in heavenly skies.


Times were tough, many on welfare,

Kids eating bread & butter with sweet tea;

Chinese food on special occasions

A favorite when they had means.

He loved to fish and tack,

And go on turkey shoots

For Thanksgiving dinner;

The outdoors were a hoot.


Such a kidder, so funny, so witty and wise,

He always had that element of surprise.

He’d tease you, to please you, and make you grin,

Time after time, and over again.


Living on love for the time being,

Sometimes love is not enough.

Frankie drove west with 4 of the kids

Doing what she must.


It’s sad and true, good people do wrong,

On and on it goes, the same old song.

They lived and learned so very much,

And Gerald did what he could to keep in touch.


Some prayers go unanswered, are blessings in disguise,

Sometimes God sees better than do our eyes.

Gerald and Frankie would find themselves

Moving on with blind faith that all would be well.


Gerald and Gail would soon make a home

With Terry, Tammy, and newly born Dawn.

Many highs, some lows with quiet thoughts

Of what happened to his other l’il Scotts.


He loved to play board games, cards and darts

Long walks, and socializing, going to parks.

Metal detecting and camping were fun

Knew all about sports and which teams had won.


A master of trivia on Jeopardy

The mind of a genius we’re told,

His love of Matlock, Pink Panther, and Hitchcock

Never ever got old.

He LOVED Louis L’amour books, Belafonte

Ronnie Milsap, Nelson, and Cash,

Clint Eastwood, and posing with Jackie Chan

In a Shanghai Noon autograph.


Up bright and early, singing

in a low baritone voice

“Good Morning Starshine”

The song of his choice!


He love to shoot pool with his special 3 piece cue,

As usual not much he couldn’t do;

He’d play like a pro, a real pool shark,

and bowled with his chums well into dark.


Music from the 50s and 60s

In the prime of his life,

He always smelled good

Wearing Old Spice.


He could live on popcorn, a favorite food,

Ate chocolate and sweet stuff no matter his mood.

If he had lows…he never showed it

He glowed with happy-go-lucky starshine wit.


Known for a curious mind

And a wanderer at heart,

Gerald was a master of all trades

Brilliantly playing his part.


He found sobriety, and went back to school,

The nurse became a certified level 3 chef.

He took up acting for pleasure and fun,

While embracing his First Nations heritage.


He knew no bounds later in life,

Beating down the demons that long caused him strife.

Imagine what he might have achieved

If in himself, he’d always believed.

We all got those phone calls,

Random, funny, and sweet…

A short touching reminder

Of his love so deep.


A Diamond in the Rough, One of a kind!

He taught us how to love, Not with eyes, but the mind.

To love unconditionally, Like his love for his Mom,

Whoever you are, Wherever you’re from.

He kept on trying to make a breakthrough

While saying, “I’m dying”, he’d say, “I love you”.

God love his relentlessness, he had love to spare,

He fought to the end and laid his heart bare.


He loved to help people, the lost and the found,

He gave what he could and would spread it around.

He was big of heart and small of need

The Bannock King never lacked mouths to feed.


He supported the Royal Canadian Legions,

And was proud of this fact,

One of the first native veterans

The Nelson branch would accept.


He loved Indian Lore, learning more and more

About praying, rituals, medicine and dreams,

In hopes of sharing native traditions

With all of us it seems.


He lost his native rights as a young man,

But was determined to get it again;

Learned about the Scotts and Knotts,

Our Metis heritage and kin.


A fixture at the Calgary Stampede,

He’d march and dance in the parade.

The sailor come Metis, still proud and tall,

His true colors on full display.

Losing his youth as a kid,

He found it as a man,

A child once more, in life’s candy store,

He got the upper hand.


His transparent heart, and unminced words

Could evoke a sense of love or dismay.

But you always knew where you stood with him,

If you were hundreds of miles away.


No matter the hard knocks of life,

It’s not a game of win or lose,

He never gave up; he let go and let Spirit

Point to whatever he should choose.


He taught us you don’t have to be

Everybody’s cup of tea…

Just be you, through and through

And to others you’ll be true.


His health would wane many times,

In and out of the hospital he’d say,

“If anything should ever happen to me,

Make Nelson the place of my final stay.”


No more could be said of his love for a place,

Sweet joy of memories written all over his face.

He once ran for Mayor of The Queen City,

He shared great ideas, that he lost was a pity.


His impish smile and the glint in his eyes,

Belied the life of this storybook man,

Whose eccentric and free-spirited ways

Tempted fate time and time again.


No excuses, the past is in the past,

One marvels how such a man’s broken heart could last.

The tales of lives, loved and lost were a lot to bear

For a Metis man, once lost now found, who’d been dealt his share.


He tried reaching out over the years,

But sometimes couldn’t break through the pain and tears.

He wished there was more he could have done,

And God knows his heart, so what’s done is done.


He may not have expressed it well,

Or said much at all,

But we’ll thank God for Gerald RD Scott

Each and every Fall.


You can’t undo the past they say,

But that’s is where they’re wrong,

Because love can change all manner of things,

And free our hearts in song.


So a love song our hearts will sing,

For the man we sometimes barely knew,

But whose love for us will never end,

Cause his heart was always true.


Good morning starshine

The earth says hello

You twinkle above us

We twinkle below”


We love him unconditionally,

And he did the same for us;

None of us perfect in this broken world

We were blessed to have as much.


We’ve lost our Dad and gained each other,

A lot to be grateful for;

Though it wasn’t said often, we love you Dad

And pray you’re on God’s shore.



– passed away in Calgary AB October 12, 2013 –


Gerald is survived by his children (oldest to youngest); Frank Piquard of Kelowna BC, Tom Hewitt of Calgary AB, Tammy Hewitt of Calgary, Cindy Hewitt (Gallacher) of Kelowna, Marina Peckinpaugh of Delta BC, Dawn Bird of Regina SK, many lovely grand-children, extended family, and friends.


In living memory of Gerald Scott, a tree was planted at Fish Creek Provincial Park by McINNIS & HOLLOWAY FUNERAL HOMES Park Memorial Chapel, 5008 ELBOW DRIVE S.W. Calgary, AB, T2S 2L5, Telephone: 403-243-8200…and his life celebrated by family on September 20, 2014, in Calgary.




“Tis not that Dying hurts us so —

‘Tis Living — hurts us more — “

Emily Dickinson


Good Morning Starshine



Written by Cindy Anne Scott Hewitt – October 11, 2014


Peace Dad – we love you – Forever


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Condolence Messages

  1. I miss each day of not seeing those Beautiful Ice Blue Eyes and that great Smile. T.J., Chad, Candice, Ami and your Great Grandchild Aurora misses you as well. You had such a warm way of making people happy when you meet them. My friends adored you and your sense of humor and your outlook on life and especially nick names you would have for me when I was going up and how much I was a Scott (Curious) wanting to know about everything… Love you so much and thank you for being my Father. xoxxo

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  2. Tracy Walaschuk :

    Oh sweet man. How you will be missed.
    Thank you for every glorious moment that I was blessed to share with you. While few and far between, they were pure gold.
    Sing your song loudly and let the ancestors know that a warrior is coming home.
    Aksii-go-go Niiksiikwa. Until we meet again.

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  3. I hired Gerald as an actor at the U of C he was a wonderful man and will be missed.

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  4. We loved “Uncle Gerald’s” energy is his love for us!!

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